Duration: 1 August 2012 – 31 July 2014
Topic: European Citizenship
Aim: make adult learners reflect about what Europea citizenship is, and to encourage them to be active, participative.

The project "Let's build Europe together!" will create a partnership between partner organisations from the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Slovenia and Turkey. The main aim of the partnership is to promote active citizenship and increase European awareness of adult learners through non-formal education. All the eight partners have strong background in the field of non-formal education, particularly for young people. The project will enable them to identify existing resources in this field, exchange experience and create new or adapt existing tools to the context of adult education.

The project consists of a Kick-Off Meeting, four European Citizenship Weeks and an Evaluation and Follow-up Meeting. These international activities will be complemented by local workshops and local pilot projects by the partner organisations. The European Citizenship Weeks will offer adult learners various simulation games about the main political processes within the European Union (e.g. enlargement or legislative process). At the same time, each Week will have a particular topic.

The project will increase the European awareness of adult learners, develop their social, interpersonal, intercultural and civic competences as well as language abilities. The project will emphasize participation of adult learners from vulnerable social groups or with special needs. The methodology will be adapted to their profile. The project will also create a strong partnership in the field of adult education between project partners. It will facilitate exchange of good practices in the field of education to citizenship and to European awareness. And it will increase the visibility of the Grundtvig and the Life-Long Learning programme.

The project "Let's build Europe together!" aims to create a partnership between 8 European organisations active in adult education in the field of European awareness and active citizenship. We believe that European awareness is an important part of one's civic competence. The European integration and co-operation between European countries affects our lives greatly. It is important for adult learners to be acquainted with these processes, their implications and shape their own opinions about these topics. European awareness is a prerequisite for participation and active citizenship. Through this project, we would like to promote active citizenship among adult learners and encourage them to take active part in the social, political, economic and cultural life of their communities.

We believe that European citizens need to understand and be able to make sense of topics like the crisis of the Eurozone, possible enlargement of the European Union, the role of the European Union in the world, the European legislation, the role of large and small countries within the EU, etc. They are confronted with these topics in newspapers, at TV screens, in dialogues with their friends or families but they very often lack the background knowledge. The European integration is a relatively new reality and it is still something very abstract for adult learners. Lifelong learning can be an important tool to help adult learners understand this reality and adapt to it. Our project answers to this need.

We believe non-formal education plays a crucial role in educating active European citizens who are aware of what is happening in today's Europe and which challenges Europe is facing. It can educate citizens who have their own opinions, take part actively in political processes and help shape Europe according to their visions. As active citizenship is not directly linked to work skills and vocational education, it is often a priority within the educational programmes. We believe, however, that education should not only create skilled employees but also active citizens and educated members of our societies. The Grundtvig programme is a unique tool that enables the use of non-formal education to raise awareness of adult learners about this theme.

There are 6 international activities planned: