The last international meeting within this project was the Evaluation Meeting. It took place in Lecce, Italy from 15 to 19 July 2014. It brought together one representative of each of the 7 organisations.

It was a chance for us to look behind and evaluate what we have done and achieved together in the past two years. The project was a great common effort by all the participating organisations. Everybody got involved, contributed with some resources, know-how, methodologies, helped to organize the activities, etc. This created very strong partnership between the organisations.

The meeting in Lecce enabled us to evaluate the impact of the project against our aims. It also helped us finalise the results and outcomes of the project and plan carefully their dissemination. Finally and most importantly, it was a chance for us to plan future co-operation. We would like to keep the dynamics created by this project alive and valorise it in the future.