The theme of the project was European citizenship and European awareness. The end goal was to find new and innovative ways to teach adults about European affairs, make them reflect about European citizenship and promote critical thinking about European integration.

There were four European Citizenship Weeks within this project, organised in Luxembourg, Czech Republic, France and the UK. These international seminars brought together adult learners from various European countries. The methodology developed within this project was used during these seminars. We gathered feedback from adult learners and improved the methodology as we went along. It was also an opportunity for various facilitators and staff members from the organisations to try working with adult learners on this topic.

We developed and adapted four simulation games that can be used with adult learners to work on the topic of European citizenship. Please check our our methodology kits – guides on how to proceed with the simulation games as well as all materials needed for the activities:

Simulation game of the EU enlargement process

Simulation game of the EU legislative process

Simulation game about interest groups and their interactions within the EU

Simulation of a climate changes summit

Feel free to use these resources in your own educational activities. If you would like to publish any of the materials anywhere, please send us an email and request authorization.