Together CZ

Together Czech Republic is a member of the pan-European network of youth organisations TOGETHER. Our association is based on the philosophy that can be expressed in 4 words: "participation", "citizenship", "mobility" and "volunteering".

Together Czech Republic has implemented numerous international projects – international seminars, training courses, youth exchanges and conferences with more than 4000 participants in total. Many of these activities have the financial support from the European Commission’s programs. The organisation was established in 2005. Since then, we have sent hundreds of young people from the Czech Republic for youth exchanges abroad and tens of young people for the European Voluntary Service in Europe as well as in the whole world. We have been organising the Junior Internet project that promotes e-participation of young people and supports young people creating their own Internet projects ( We co-operate on our projects with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, the International Visegrad Fund, Vodafone Foundation, with the Municipalities of Prague 5 and Prague 13. Together Czech Republic co-ordinates the Europe - China - Earth project as a follow-up of the EU-China Year of Youth, supported by the European Commission The project brings together young people from 3 European countries and 3 Chinese regions to reflect about sustainable development.

In January 2012, we organised a Grundtvig Workshop about global challenges and global citizenship. This was an impetus for us to get more involved in adult education and use our experience for the benefit of disadvantage adult learners. Our main target groups are disadvantaged social groups coming from vulnerable backgrounds. This project will enable our organization to valorize its resources and adapt them to the context of adult learning and specifically to the needs of adult learners from vulnerable backgrounds.

We have broad and long-term expertise in life-long learning and non-formal education. We have developed our own methodology for working with specific learner groups about various topics, adapted to their needs and innovative in nature. We also have the support of the whole Together Network that will supply us with rich database of resources, pool of experienced international trainers and international contacts that will make the project visible and enable us to choose and work actively with the most motivated participants.

Together England

Together England is a non-governmental non-profit organisation aiming to promote European citizenship, intercultural dialogue and volunteering. It is part of Together pan-European network which is active in 10 European countries and has a long-term experience with non-formal education.

Together England has organised various international educational projects for wide range of target groups. In the past, it has worked mostly with young people. In 2011, we organised an international youth exchange named Global Citizens that brought 40 young people from 8 European countries to Oxford to discuss about global challenges. The EuroMedia youth exchange enabled another 40 young people to discover how media work and affect our lives in a democratic society. The Youth Participation Ambassadors is a large-scale project that Together England co-ordinates. It consists of three international seminars for young people that train young people to get involved in NGOs and promote youth participation. These seminars are followed by local pilot projects organised by young people themselves. In 2012, Together England will organise other international seminars and youth exchange in the UK about European citizenship, entrepreneurship or urban culture. All of these projects were supported by the Youth in Action programme of the EU.

Together England has also been a partner in two large-scale international co-operation projects, one with Latin America and one with China. We sent participants to seminars in Guatemala, Chile or China and organised a seminar for Latin American participants in Oxford.

Together England has also sent many participants to educational projects abroad, both young people and adult learners. We have also prepared and sent participants to two Grundtvig Workshops. Together England aims to involve particularly learner coming from vulnerable social groups and disadvantaged backgrounds. We give priority to these participants and offer them international mobility opportunities. Our ethos is to bring together people from very different social, educational and economic backgrounds and enable mutual exchange and reflection. We are part of the Early intervention programme for co-operation between NGOs and local authorities working with disadvantaged groups, initiated by the Oxfordshire County Council.

Together Luxembourg

Together was established in Luxembourg in 2005 by few passionate people, who believe in what they do:cross European cooperation and networking among civic organizations and the values and mutual learning such cooperation brings. These people wished to use their experience gained throughout numerous international programs and work experience in alike organizations and wanted to create an open forum facilitating international activities. Together Luxembourg has been active in the field of education for long time; preparation and participation in international meetings at local level and abroad, organisation of trainings, organisation of local youth projects for communities with the focus on active citizenship. We promote European values through animations and activities at local level, sending of volunteers, and motivating citizens of all ages to participate or to organise local and international activities. The projects that we implemented were aimed at promoting participation and empowering young-adult people with fewer opportunities who do not have any special educational background, who have difficult social, economical or family situation, who have never had the opportunity to stay abroad and benefit from intercultural experience, who have health problems or disabilities, etc. Our aim is to give them support to overcome the obstacles that prevent them from becoming important social actors, participating actively in the social, political and economic life of their local communities and finding their place in society. By giving them a chance to participate in international seminars, be members of a project team, organise and implement local activities, they develop their key competences, widen their knowledge as well as improve their skills. Participating in projects is a chance for them to get some work experience, to learn other languages and see other cultures. They are learning how to be more mobile, flexible, autonomous and how to use their potential. All this is giving them significant experience, which can be crucial for their further life and can help them, find a job in the future. By developing key competences of participants of our projects, we aim to increase their employability as well as potential to play an active part in their society. We organised a Grundtvig Workshop about European citizenship in December 2011 as well as many youth exchanges about this topic.

Fédération Familles de France

The association Fédération Familles de France Moselle is a national federation that unites 80 federations, 600 associations, and that is 100 000 families. At departmental level, it unites 12 associations, and that is 200 000 families. It was registered as an association on 15th December 1967.

It's orientation and missions are following:


We realize animations about prevention that help better understand and sensibilise people about risky behaviors. Also we are working with people with fewer opportunities and vulnerable groups of people. In order to achieve this objective, during the school holidays we make recreational workshops for young people.

The main activity sector are:

RIS (Raziskovalno izobrazevalno sredisce Dvorec Rakican)

RIS is public research and education centre which puts a lot of emphasis on adult education. Institution organises a lot of workshops and adult education programs, which are mostly intended for adults from vulnerable groups. We are trying to help these target groups active and raise their awareness for active citizenship.

Our workshops are mostly intended to help adults from vulnerable groups with:

Our institution is located in the most disadvantaged region in Slovenia and beside this most of our participants are adults from vulnerable groups. From 2007 we have implemented family centre for participants at risk of social exclusion, participants with special needs, older people from rural areas and other people who need help.

As a partner in this learning partnership, RIS dvorec Rakičan will have active role in implementation of the activities, sharing our experiences and resources to provide good quality of the project and productive activities for the participants.

Lecce Città Universitaria

The main activities carried out by the Cooperative and the University concern:operation, management and establishment of public services, both independently and in contract and both in Italy and abroad. Management of structures designed to socializing and cultural exchanges between students. Organization and realization of information services, handling of university practices and administrative assistance and mentoring, orientation to higher education, transportation and any other services useful to improve the quality of student life realization of services to support the integration of disabled students;Organization and realization of training and specialization courses,, master, job redevelopment courses and conferences and seminars for public enjoyment, cultural events, theatre and folklore, concerts and other cultural events., management of computer networks and multimedia classrooms, development and commercialization, in any form of computer products, software and hardware etc We are working with disadvantages people, migrants and refugees in our region in order to find a solution for their social, cultural and economics problem through organizing national and international activities and projects to increase social inclusion. We will be an active partner in the project joing in the mobilities,preparing the outcomes, organising the meetings and sharing experience.

Anadolu Eğitim Kültür ve Sanat Derneği

Anatolia Training, Culture and Art Association aims to promote finding solutions for social, cultural and economical problems of children, youngsters and adults in our region through the organizing of national and international activities and projects to increase social inclusion.

Gaziantep is a metropolitan city having around 2 million population , big industry and agriculturel areas. Because of its huge industrial zones and large numbers of factories ,Gaziantep is a good choice for immigrants. Because of the high rate of immigration most of the immigrant families can not reach the social standards of the city for a long time.Disadvanteged youngsters and adults of these families are our target group in Gaziantep.

Our association has 17 members but it has over 70 supporter from different professions (teachers, economists, engineers, students, etc). The members of our organization got experienced in project field. There are two staff that they have been working as a project coordinator since 2009. They coordinate Youth in Action and local projects that supported by the Government. In our activities, we are working as a partner NGO’s in projects field and EU office of Gaziantep Governorship.

In addition to these activities, our organisation has photography club, folk dance club and theatre group, they are in preparation for drama and they are giving drama lessons to youngster with fewer opportunities with using our equity. Adult learners are an important focus of our organisation and we would like to offer them international mobility opportunities as well.

Our Association will be an active partner in the project, joining in the mobilities, preparing the outcomes, organising the meetings and sharing experience.