The first European week took place in Luxembourg in March 2013.

The experience of the seminar

When I arrived here I did not know what I would have found. For me it is the first time that a similiar experience does, but I have not been afraid. The days have passed in a hurry, we have visited so many places, spoken so many different languages., eaten the typical dishes of every nation. But the principal thing is to have known so any people and possession interacted with them.
I can now say to know more to found the turkish culture or to know more on the Czech Republic of it. I can say to know the problems of young french so similar to those in Italy and to have enriched my knowledge on the Slovenia. I have now understand what is the meaning of this experience.
To feel as a well without fund to be able to always have space fill him. When I have arrived here I was a small frightened and empty person, now I return enriched home. I feel me as a daughter of the world. Thanks to all to have contributed.

Mariada from Italy

The project of Together helps to create friendly relationships between the inhabitants of the EU.
For me this week was a big expérience how to organize such an évent like this, because I am the funder and organizer of international meetings for Young people, too.
We have the same idea and the some goals and I hope for future cooperations.

Jiri from Czech Republic

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