The third European Citizenship Week took place in the beautiful historical city of Metz in the Lorraine region of France. More than 20 adult learners came to France from 7 to 12 October 2013 to discuss about European citizenship and participate in unique simulation games and innovative activities.

Impressions of participants of this seminar

From 7th till 12th of October participants of all ages from Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Turkey, Italy and UK gathered in the historical city of Metz in France to experience Grundtvig partnership seminar „Let´s built Europe together“. In day by day workshops we have been introduced to the concepts and ideas of European citizenship, and we have practised on our own in various simulations legislative, enlargement processes and negotiations within the EU.

We have also met with French representative of European parliament and on various occasions also with representatives of „Familles de France“ organisation which provided us in Metz with accommodation in „Carrefour“ Youth hostel and which associates more than 1 million French families and provides for them services in social area as well as act in the interest of those families with French government and municipalities.

During Wednesday afternoon we had the great opportunity to meet local French children with their family members to spend the afternoon and to have dinner with them, so the international experience can be more intensive for everyone. Quite inspiring was also visit in the house and the museum of Robert Schuman whose whole life was a testament to necessity of creation united Europe which he then helped to build. The whole program was well structured with the focus on setting learning priorities for every participant and continuous self-evaluation with the critical help of other participants. I am sure that not only for me it opened another horizons in the areas of self development, history, tolerance and the future of united Europe and European citizenship.
František Brázdilík, Czech republic

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